Germany: Lindner urges politicians not to forget the average German, at Hamburg rally

Leader of Free Democratic Party Christian Lindner said that the centre of German society should be engaged in the issues of government, during an election campaign in Hamburg, on Friday. Touching on the issues of refugees, Lindner pointed out that, while this is a concern for politicians, the millions of Germans who are not refugees shouldn't be ignored when it comes to policy making. He said... Еще, «In Germany there are 70 million plus people who are not refugees, they are not refugees, they are not in need, they are also not super rich, or out of the woods. And who is looking after them, who is actually talking about them?» Lindner then went on to say that such a mentality, of not caring for the 'normal German', was why middle-America voted for US President Donald Trump in the 2016 elections, «I believe that we are making the mistake with this that resulted in the election of Donald Trump in the USA.» He also told the some hundred supporters that Europe requires a united security force, stating that better information sharing between authorities is an important move for improving the region's security.

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