Germany: Lifting sanctions would be good for Russian and German economies — Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of paving the way to lifting current sanctions imposed on Russia as well as the importance of the NATO-Russia Council in her annual summer press conference at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin, Tuesday. Merkel also mentioned the possibility of a new Eurozone economics and finance minister and called on Turkey to release German citizens imprisoned during... Еще the aftermath of the country's failed coup attempt. The chancellor said that it was important for the EU to have continued dialogue with Russia so that once the Minsk agreement on Ukraine had been fufilled, a possibility could emerge to lift the sanctions on Russia. She went on to say that lifting the sanctions would be «good for both the Russian and German economy». Other topics Merkel touched on included the possibility of a new Eurozone economy and finance minister. She suggested the idea of transforming the Eurozone rescue fund into a «European Monetary Fund» could lead Europe to become more «stable». Turkey came under criticism as the chancellor called on the nation to release German citizens who had been imprisoned during last year's failed coup attempt. «Our demand is very clear: those people who are in prison must be freed», she stated.
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