Germany: Libyan militia leader accused of war crimes receives treatment at Bonn clinic — reports

Libyan militia leader who is accused of crimes against humanity and human rights violations has been allegedly receiving medical treatment at one of the leading hospitals in Germany and Europe, the University Hospital Bonn. Footage filmed on Wednesday shows the exterior of the hospital with several vehicles entering and leaving the territory of the complex. Together with his four brothers, the militia leader, named as Abderrahim al-Kani, commanded a private army in the Libyan town of Tarhunah, some 65 kilometres (40 miles) to the southeast of Tripoli. Al-Kani is charged with murders, torture and kidnappings of the civilian population, reports say. The man was already treated at the Bonn hospital in January and February this year. A representative of al-Kani had previously said that «injuries from an explosion» were the reason for his stay at the hospital. According to local media, the Attorney General and the Federal Criminal Police were informed about his stay in Germany as well as about the allegations against him. Germany's Foreign Ministry said that al-Kani received a German visa in 2017 but under a different name. He was able to continue to enter Germany with a residence permit issued for the treatment of cancer. According to local reports, German authorities, the International Criminal Court and the University Hospital Bonn refused to give any comments.

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