Germany: Leipzig court to decide on mandatory age checks on migrants

SOT, Journalist (German): *INAUDIBLE* SOT, Dr. Noel Friedrich, Head of the Legal Department of the Youth Office of Munich (German): «We await the decision of the court with great interest, and we must now, firstly, wait for the reason for the decision. This will then be evaluated by us, and then we will then align our future practice.» SOT, Journalist (German): *INAUDIBLE* SOT, Dr. Noel... Еще Friedrich, Head of the Legal Department of the Youth Office of Munich (German): «That's why I say I think the outcome of this procedure, and the decision, will be quite interesting for us and probably other Youth Offices in Germany, but we need to wait for the reason for the decision of the court, and also the written reason for the decision. We will look at this thoroughly, and then, so to say, accordingly orient our practice for the future so we comply with the legal opinion of the court.» Germany's Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig will decide whether to introduce mandatory medical tests to establish a migrant's age, following a hearing earlier on Thursday. The ongoing hearings were prompted after an Afghan refugee filed suit for being established 'an adult' on the basis of a visual inspection. The proceedings also come in the wake of an increased number of reported false age claims. However, the German Medical Association has criticised the proposed medical tests as «unethical.» In Germany, as it currently stands, youth welfare officers are responsible for established the age of a refugee arriving in the country.

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