Germany: Lebanese Berlin community rally in support of homeland protests

Berlin's Lebanese community rallied by the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Sunday, to show solidarity with the ongoing anti-government protests in Lebanon. Footage shows demonstrators chanting slogans, wearing Lebanese flags and carrying signs reading «From Berlin to Lebanon we stand with you» and «Your time is up, you disgust us! You made us flee.» One of the demonstrators, Adam el Khaled, said... Еще that they have been facing «the same problems» for 30 years. He added: «We want a new Parliament right now, and also what we need from the EU and the USA, we need people to control the new elections in Lebanon.» The wave of protest broke out on Thursday, following Prime Minister Saad Hariri's announcement of new taxes. The move triggered calls for the government's resignations among citizens at home and abroad. Hariri's coalition partners have until Monday to agree on economic reforms, with the PM suggesting he could resign if an agreement is not reached.

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