Germany: Lake combed for missing Nazi victim memorial stones

The search continues for stolen Nazi victim memorial stones after police divers scoured the bottom of a lake in Berlin on Wednesday but found nothing. In November, a total of 16 «stolperstein» were stolen from 13 different locations in the capital's Neukoelln district. Stolperstein, translating literally as «stumbling block,» are memorial stones that bear the name and date of birth and death of... Еще a victim of Nazi persecution. They are commonly placed in front of homes where the victim once lived. Police received a tip-off that the stones may have been thrown into the Fennpfuhl lake, near Neukoelln. After a two-hour search involving a police diving unit, no Stolperstein were recovered. A police spokesperson gave an update on what has now become a criminal investigation. “We have not found the suspect so far and our source told us that the stones might be here,» she said.

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