Germany: Lagarde attends award ceremony for German Parliament President Schaeuble

German Bundestag President, Wolfgang Schaeuble, was awarded the 'Ehren-Victoria' prize for his political engagement and commitment to the democratic Europe and Germany. European Central Bank President, Christine Lagarde congratulated Schaeuble at 2019 VDZ Publisher's Night in Berlin on Monday. Footage shows Lagarde praising the Bundestag president's contribution to public life, before inviting... Еще him onto the stage, where he showcased the award and addressed the attendees of the event. Schaeuble, who is a firm defender of the European project, said that Germany's unity would not exist if it was not for the European Agreement, consent, support and trust of other European partners. «Our order, as imperfect as it is, with all our problems, is the place of the yearning of millions of people in the world, they would all like to live in freedom and rule of law», he added.

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