Germany: Kothen residents colour in city to defy racism

Journalist (German): «Do you feel safe here?» Raina, resident (German): «Yes, well, last week has been difficult but now its getting a little better.» Hundreds of Kothen's residents painted the streets with messages of peace on Saturday. The demonstration comes one day before another round of right-wing protests in the German city. People wrote messages such as 'Kotheners stand for peace... Еще and tolerance', as well as colouring in a huge mural of a flower and candle. Die Linke party member Jorg Gewinner said that he hopes that no violence will occur at the upcoming demo, adding that he is against any demonstrations whether left or right. «We have a democracy and the constitution allows the right-wingers to come, and of course we — I am in the City Council for the Die Linke party — have to be present too. But, addressing everyone — please no violence», he said. The action was organised by the local church and civil society.

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