Germany: Kandel marches in memory of 15 y/o killed by refugee

Residents in Kandel marched through the town on Tuesday to commemorate a teenage girl stabbed to death by a refugee in the town last week. The residents seemed to support the government's proposal to introduce age checks for refugees after the killer claimed to be 15-years-old. «In Germany, there is too much abuse, so I think it is a good idea,» said one of the Kandel's residents Robert... Еще. Another supported the idea of the age check, saying «it is good, that there would be a control when for example someone is going to tobacco shop or is buying alcohol.» Kandel resident Roland stated he did not understand people who were against the proposal. “The killer stated he was 15-year old and stupid Germans believed this, when he was around 32 as you can see that in the photos,” he said. The 15-year-old girl died in hospital after being attacked with a kitchen knife outside a drugstore on Wednesday. The suspect, who claimed to be a 15-year-old Afghan refugee and former boyfriend of the victim, was taken into police custody on suspicion of manslaughter. As a result of his claim he was being treated as a minor under the German law despite suspicion he is in his thirties.

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