Germany: 'It's not over yet!' — Merkel warns against complacency as election looms

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged her supporters to head to the polls on election day in two weeks’ time at a rally in Mainz as her rivals took a major blow, Thursday. With Martin Schulz's Social Democrats hitting historic lows in the polls, Merkel warned CDU supporters that every vote would be necessary and that a Red-Red-Green coalition would be disastrous for Germany. «Ladies and... Еще gentlemen, we hear a lot here that the election has already been decided. I am telling you that this is simply untrue,» Merkel told the thousands who had gathered, which included some vocal detractors from organisations such as Greenpeace. Merkel also spoke about her frustration with Europe and put an emphasis on creating long-lasting worldwide peace, mentioning Syria, Iraq and Ukraine which she said were not that far away from Germany. «Many of you, just like me, have reflected a lot on Europe in the face of difficulties such as the UK's exit from the EU and the worry over the French election. Europe is sometimes rather testing. I could tell you a thing or two about that,» Merkel said.


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