Germany: Israeli restaurant owner responds to «shocking» anti-Semitic attack

Owner of the eponymous Feinberg’s restaurant Yorai Feinberg endured what he called a ‘shocking’ anti-Semitic attack when a 60-year-old German man insulted him outside his restaurant in Schoeneberg, Berlin, on Tuesday. Feinberg and his girlfriend Camila Thomas immediately recorded the attack after being confronted by racist abuse in broad daylight in central Berlin. The video recorded by the... Еще restaurant owner and his girlfriend was published on Facebook and quickly went viral. According to Feinberg, the entire incident was “shocking”. “It started with the typical Israel is bad story. Then Trump is bad. Then go to the gas chambers, in five years you will be dead”, he recounted. The unnamed individual who is seen making the remarks was later arrested by police. He has been charged with incitement to hatred under Germany’s laws against anti-Semitism. Michael Samuel Delberg from the Jewish Community of Berlin said his attempts to bring the video to the attention of the wider public were initially prevented by Facebook. He explained, “in the first four hours, there were nearly 100,000 views, over two and a half thousand shares so it was crazy the people were interested in this topic, but then Facebook blocked the video and blocked my profile.” Delberg added that from his experience attacks like these happen on a “daily basis” in Germany. The Israeli ambassador, other members Berlin's jewish community and the mayor of Schoneberg Volker Beck of the Green Party have all visited the restaurant to show their support.

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