Germany: Islamic-inspired children’s park receives warm welcome

A new Islamic inspired children’s playground in Berlin received a largely positive response from locals on Wednesday. The playground in the Neukolln district, which is still under construction, follows a bazaar theme with the roof of the playhouse shaped like the dome of Mosque complete with a crescent moon and four minarets. The feedback has been broadly positive with many hoping that it would... Еще make Muslim children and families feel more integrated, but some believe that tax payer's money should not be used to fund religion related projects. According to Emad, a Syrian refugee who has lived in Berlin for the past two years, the playground is beautiful «For my children this is is very beautiful.» «I think this is good, why not,» says Carlos who added: «Maybe that's how people feel even better integrated in the society instead of [feeling] excluded.» For Corrado Merlino though «religion, no matter which one — Christians, Muslims, Jews — should be private and should not be financed by tax payers money.» The project is being developed by the municipality of Neukolln in Berlin.

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