Germany: Islam is a «political doctrine» — AfD outlines anti-Islam stance at press conference

Right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party took a clear anti-Islam stance at a press conference in Berlin, Monday, whilst calling for tighter security measures primarily aimed against immigrants in an effort to reduce crime in the country. AfD frontrunner Alice Weidel presented solutions to what she claimed was a «deteriorating» domestic security situation in Germany, which largely involved... Еще placing stricter security measures on foreigners including migrants, asylum seekers and others «seeking protection» in the Federal Republic. Weidel also draw attention to what she perceived as «Muslim problem areas»: homosexuals — such as her life partner and herself — were particularly unsafe and violent crimes against homosexuals were on the rise, Weidel claimed. She blamed such attacks on foreigners from Islamic countries, who believe that homosexuality is «punishable». Also during the conference, AfD co-leader Alexander Gauland referred to Islam as a «political doctrine» which was «incompatible with a free democratic order». The campaign rally comes ahead of the general elections on September 24, for which the AfD are hoping to clear the 5% margin to win seats in parliament.
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