Germany: Interior Ministry refuse to comment on refugee centre reports

SOT, Journalist: «But you are aware of the plans?» SOT, Eleonore Peterman, Interior Ministry spokesperson (German): “I am not, I saw it in the press only. I can only speak for the Interior Ministry and not for the free county of Bavaria. Concerning the statements of Mr Teichmann — I was present during the conversation you mentioned. He did not say that asylum seekers are coming to Germany via... Еще Spain already, but he was concerned if that should happen. German Interior Ministry spokesperson Eleonore Peterman said the term “detention and deportation centres” should not be used, during a press conference in Berlin on Monday when questioned about a new facility at Munich airport. “Fundamentally I can say on behalf of all counties and in general that ‘detention and deportation centres’ is not a term that should be seriously considered to be used by anyone,” Petermann said. Petermann refused to comment further on the question stating that as an Interior Ministry spokesperson she cannot speak for the Free State of Bavaria. The comments came as reports emerged suggesting that Bavarian authorities are planning to establish a centre for refugees at Munich’s Airport, located in a hangar once used by bankrupt Air-Berlin.

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