Germany: Interior Ministry comments on alleged Russian meddling in Germany

Federal Ministry of the Interior spokesperson Dr. Johannes Dimroth commented on the allegations of Russian meddling in German government networks in 2017, saying the «BSI [Federal Office for Information Security] took action very quickly and prevented the acute danger» during Germany's Federal Press Conference in Berlin, Friday. According to Dimroth, the research conducted by the Federal... Еще Government would reveal «where, from the perspective of the domestic intelligence service, the threat is coming from, and also how it is assigned by region». «In any case, it's difficult to give it context. There are of course various possibilities of getting close to an answer — we had an interest in that — there are certain patterns that can be defined by region, added Dimroth. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Adebahr underlined that the German government was in contact with Russia «regarding questions about safety on different levels, including freedom of the press, civil rights, and the protection of these rights in Russia.»

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