Germany: Identitarian demo met with counter protest in Munich

Identitarian activists gathered in Munich on Saturday to raise awareness of what they say is a lack of freedom of expression. The activists set up an 'Identitarian Zone,' a space where they could safely express their political opinions, as dozens of antifa activists and other counter-protesters held up signs criticising them. «We stand for the preservation of the intercultural identity of the... Еще peoples, here in particular those of the German people, who, moreover, is also sovereign and will continue to be pushed back on its own soil and one day will no longer be able to implement its democratic rights, said identitarian leader Philipp, who added that birth rates speak for themselves. «Today we simply come to prove that democracy in Germany is enormously vulnerable and has already been dismantled to a large degree,» he said. The Identitarian movement within Germany was classified as an 'extreme right movement' by the country's domestic intelligence agency in July 2019.

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