Germany: Hundreds picket Bayer HQ protesting against compulsory vaccination

Some 200 people gathered outside the headquarters of pharmaceutical giant Bayer, in Berlin, Saturday, to rally against compulsory vaccine consultations. The activists demanded a rescinding of tightening the vaccination rules instigated by a decline in immunisations, according to German authorities. Protester, Dr. Andy Wakefield stated «mandatory vaccination is nothing more or less than forced... Еще medical experimentation.» One of the protesters added that «parents have to decide themselves what they want to do.» One of the recent measures stipulate that kindergartens are to inform authorities if parents fail to prove they have attended a doctors' consultation on child vaccinations. Bayer is believed to have a strong lobby on promoting compulsory vaccination. Recently it has been involved in a number scandals, including allegations that they sold HIV-infected protein to Asia and Latin America.

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