Germany: Hundreds march in support of sex workers rights in Berlin

Hundreds took to the streets of Berlin on Sunday to protest for better rights for sex workers, who have been hit particularly hard by lack of financial support from the government. Protesters could be seen dancing, holding banners such as «Rights not rescue, no more stigma, sex workers unite,» and «No bad whores, only bad laws.» Brothels were closed mid-March to help curb the spread of COVID-19, and prostitution was made legal again from September 1. One sex worker, Casper highlighted the issue that some sex workers may have chronic illnesses, and therefore could not go back to work with risk of infection. «The government is still not really listening to sex workers, not really caring about what situation sex workers are in, not helping when, like, for instance, the corona situation that we have at the moment,» he said. Another sex worker, Ruin, criticised the way the German government has handled sex workers compared with corona conspiracy theorists. «The AfD [Alternative for Germany] can do a march at 30,000 people without any masks, with corona conspiracy theorists. And we're told that we're the nasty ones, and that we spread everything,» she said. This protest was organised after a week of discussions held by different organisations which work supporting and fighting for sex workers rights.

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