Germany: «Heavy defeat but we will oppose AАD's racist message» — SPD's Oppermann

Social Democratic Party (SPD) members arrived at the Bundestag, in Berlin on Monday, following a disappointing campaign that saw a five per cent drop in votes on 2013's result. Former faction leader Thomas Oppermann admitted that the campaign resulted in a 'heavy defeat', the SPD's worst performance since 1949, but was uncompromising when it came to Alternative for Germany's (AfD) role in... Еще parliament. «I am clear on this: if any single member of AfD thinks that parliament will be a stage from which they can spread racist messages, then they will face resolute resistance from the SPD and all democratic parties,» he said. The SPD will not form a grand coalition with the CDU as it had done in the previous government, instead it will form an opposition. «It is a heavy defeat and we interpret this clearly: the electorate voted against a grand coalition and decided that the SPD should go into opposition instead. We will do so. This is our duty to our country and our democracy,» he said. Oppermann also announced that Andrea Nahles would take his position as the faction leader in the Bundestag.

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