Germany: Hanover heads to the polls for Lower Saxony state election

Hanover residents went to the polls on Sunday, to vote in Lower Saxony's state elections, in a ballot that could have implications for national coalition talks. During the morning, several residents expressed their opinions on the elections and expectations for its outcome. One woman, Mareike, remarked that the elections were too close to call at this point: «It's head-to-head,» she said... Еще. The Lower Saxony election is the final state vote before the Bundestag officially reconvenes for its next term and could influence upcoming coalition talks. However Manfried, a Hanover resident, said he believes the Social Democrats' (SPD) decision to go into opposition in the Bundestag makes the state election less of a focus at the national level. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) party are taking steps to build a coalition with other parties on a national level. Polls for Lower Saxony's state elections have the SPD marginally ahead of the CDU.

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