Germany: Hamburg residents react to diesel ban in Altona district

Residents voiced their opinions on Thursday after Hamburg became the first German city to ban diesel cars on two of its most congested streets. Some regard the diesel ban in the district of Altona. as a positive move while others were not as optimistic. «I think it's useless. If you consider there are enough other [pollutants], like exhausts from petrol cars which cause just as much pollution... Еще as diesel,» said one resident. Under the ban, trucks and other diesel vehicles under class VI are denied access to Stresemannstrasse for 1.6 kilometres (1mi). Max-Brauer-Allee is also blocked for 560 metres (1,800ft) for trucks and cars under diesel class VI. Exceptions for both are for immediate residents of either of the two streets as well as taxis, emergency vehicles and police cars. All diesel vehicles can commute via an alternative route which reportedly has caused the outcry from residents on adjacent streets.

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