Germany: Hamburg knife attacker a known «Islamist» say authorities

The Interior Minister for Hamburg, Andy Grote, confirmed that Friday's knife attacker, who killed one and injured six more, was known to the local authorities as an «Islamist» but not as a «jihadist.» The unnamed man was also suffering from mental health issues which may have contributed to the attack in a supermarket in Hamburg's Barmbek district, authorities stated. «At this stage, regarding... Еще the motive of the attacker, we can say on the one hand that there is a connection to a religious reason, an Islamist motive, on the other hand we determine there are 'psychological issues',» Grote told the press conference in Hamburg. The man, reportedly a Palestinian national, is known to be 26-years-old and was born in the United Arab Emirates The stab wounds inflicted by the 20cm (eight inch) knife, which the attacker took from a shop display just moments before, killed a 50-year-old German man, while leaving one other person in a serious condition.

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