Germany: Halle synagogue shooting 'scary' and 'upsetting' say locals

Locals who were in the area at the time recalled the moment of Wednesday's shooting near a synagogue in Halle, describing it as «scary» and «upsetting,» as they attended a memorial outside a kebab shop in the eastern German city on Thursday. The woman said: «We are part of this neighbourhood, and so this restaurant and this synagogue. And that's very upsetting... this happened to our neighbours... Еще, this happened to an establishment that we support.» Her husband continued: «But it was also really creepy that the streets were empty, and the restaurant was pretty empty and it all felt like just deserted, like an eery atmosphere. And it just felt so unreal because you never expect it to happen where you are. You see it on the news but it's always so distant far away.» People were filmed bringing flowers and lighting candles outside the kebab shop, where one of the two victims was killed. Earlier on Wednesday, two people were killed after a man opened fire near a synagogue where the Jewish community was observing the holiday of Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. According to reports, one woman was shot dead outside the synagogue near a Jewish cemetery and one man was killed in a nearby kebab shop. A 27-year-old male named Stephan B. has been arrested, according to a spokesman for the German Federal Prosecutor. The attack appears to have been motivated by «extreme far-right and anti-Semitic» views, according to German media reports. The suspect broadcast the attack live on Twitch, an online live streaming platform owned by tech giant Amazon, before being arrested.

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