Germany: Halle replaces damaged synagogue door, makes it part of memorial

The door of the synagogue in Halle that held firm, preventing a gunman from entering the place of worship during an attack in October 2019 was replaced on Tuesday, just a week after the suspect went on trial. «The door was and remains the symbol. It's important for us. However, the door couldn't do anything on its own,» said the head of Halle's Jewish community Max Privorozki. «This door is quite good but it doesn't have any special security features. That's why it is almost a miracle that it withstood.» On October 9, 2019, Stephan Balliet allegedly tried to force his way into the synagogue with more than 50 worshippers inside but after failing to gain entry to the building through the locked door, left and killed two people nearby. One of the victims was slain in a Jewish cemetery outside the synagogue while the other was gunned down in a nearby kebab shop. Balliet was arrested in the town of Zeitz and charged with two counts of murder, and several of attempted murder, with 'anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic' intention. The wooden bullet ridden door is to become part of a memorial. A new one has been installed in its place.

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