Germany: Halle attack suspect attempts to use 'court as a stage' in first trial day

The court case against alleged Halle synagogue attacker Stephan B. began in Magdeburg on Tuesday, with the lawyer representing Halle kebab shop owners stating that the process must take as long as is necessary to clarify all the circumstances. «Today we saw the first day of the trial, we heard the accused's submission, which was not surprising. Here he said what he said at the time of his interrogation and in the psychiatric report what was there. He is a racist, anti-Semite and Islam hater, and he also tried to tell his crude ideas in court and to use the court as a stage,» said lawyer Onur Oezata. «He made a fool of himself, the chairman unmasked him, he showed that he was telling lies that the things he said about Muslims, about Jews, about black people, and therefore this process is actually very successful for our society,» he added. Despite expressing that the first day of the trial had been a successful one, Oezata highlighted the importance of the trial. On October 9, 2019, Stephan B. allegedly opened fire in the vicinity of a synagogue in the eastern German city of Halle, after failing to gain entry to the building, killing two people. He was arrested in the town of Zeitz and charged with two counts of murder, and several of attempted murder, with 'anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic' intention by a regional court. One of the victims was slain in a Jewish cemetery outside the synagogue while the other was gunned down in a nearby kebab shop.

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