Germany: Hair-salons and schools reopen as coronavirus measures relaxed

Re-opened hair-salons and schools sign Germany's further relaxation of coronavirus measures, as seen in Berlin on Monday. «When I work on a customer I just can’t keep those 1.5m distance and therefore we have those extra measures to always disinfect our hands, only to work on washed hair. We are only allowed to advise the customer over the mirror, as we aren't allowed to touch the hair until they... Еще are washed,» said hairdresser Bjoern Mentler speaking of the new restrictions. While Mentler agreed with the news measures, he viewed some as over-the-top. «Neither the city or the county or the professional association are supporting us in the sense as they say we have the possibility to get single-use gowns or give you masks, disinfectant. Every businessman is for themselves and then you have to look where you get it from and if you are lucky you get a canister for the relative payable price but if you are unlucky you have to pay extremely high prices,» he added. Mentler and his employees are happy to be back in business and have human contact with their customers nevertheless. Not only hair salons but also schools were allowed to reopen on Monday. On April 30 German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the easing of measures starting from May 4 which included lifting a ban on religious services, the reopening of playgrounds as well as of museums, exhibitions, galleries, memorials or zoological or botanical gardens.

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