Germany: Guetersloh district adm. says lockdown possible as coronavirus hits meatpacking plant

Guetersloh district administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer said that although the situation was still being evaluated the lockdown was not ruled out as a measure to prevent coronavirus spread, at a press conference in Guetersloh, Monday. After 1,553 people tested positive for COVID-19 in a major coronavirus outbreak at a meatpacking plant in Guetersloh, Adenauer announced that they currently had «a bigger task to do» to formulate the next steps for the containment of the outbreak. When he was asked whether he thought the whole situation felt like possible lockdown Adenauer replied «I would say yes,» adding that the next steps were still being coordinated. Adenauer also admitted that he believed the total number of infected could also be higher as there was the possibility that some close friends and family members from the infected had not been tested yet. He added that a state-run COVID-19 tested facility would be made available for all Guetersloh citizens to use from Tuesday on to help contain the outbreak. The plant, operated by the Toennies Group, has been closed since the outbreak was discovered on Wednesday, while the entire workforce has been quarantined.

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