Germany: Greens position themselves as party of Europe ahead of Sunday's elections

The Green Party candidates Cem Ozdemir and Katrin Goering-Eckardt positioned their party as the one that will fight for Europe, in Berlin, on Friday, during their final campaign rally ahead of the German federal elections. Ozdemir praised comments that French President Emmanuel Macron made in front of the UN General Assembly, calling for a stronger European Union. He said, «We heard President... Еще Macron, at his fantastic speech in front of the UN. I wish I could hear something like this from the German Chancellor in Berlin. I wish that the next German government takes hold of President Macron's outstretched arm, and together we concern ourselves with strengthening Europe again.» Addressing remarks made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that Turkish-Germans should not vote for the Green Party, Ozedmir said, «I'm proud about it, if the Putins and Erdogans of this world don't see Alliance 90/The Greens as their first choice. It's a compliment for us. It's a compliment that we place value on human rights, that we're want to have a value-orientated foreign policy.» Goering-Eckardt echoed Ozdemir's call for a «stronger Europe», saying, «There is a lot that you can criticise in Europe. We do this too, and we're right to do so. When we look at Orban, or at Poland, then there's quite enough to criticise. But we only have this one Europe.» The rally was the Green Party's final electoral campaign, prior to the elections — to be held on Sunday September 24.

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