Germany: Greenpeace pulls off paragliding stunt on Toennies slaughterhouse amid reopening

Greenpeace activists with motorized paragliders landed on the roof of Toennies meat plant complex in Guetersloh a few hours after it reopened for partial operation on Thursday after being closed over a mass COVID outbreak in mid-June. Two activists can be seen paragliding over the Guetersloh meat plant operated by the Toennies Group as a few members of the media and police officers watched from outside the facilities. The activists then proceeded to hang up a sign on the face of the plant which read «Shut down the pig system.» Greenpeace also released a statement saying that the production of meat is a threat to the public health and safety. Toennies facilities had been closed since the outbreak was discovered on June 17, resulting in 600 thousand people in the city of Guetersloh being put under lockdown until July 8.

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