Germany: Greenpeace calls on govt. to 'get rid of' diesel engines during emergency summit

Greenpeace activists expressed their frustration at the meeting held at Berlin's Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, between German car manufacturers and members of the German government intended to discuss alternatives to a ban on the driving of diesel cars, Wednesday. An activist protested against the summit, presenting it as not going far enough, «They are meeting at the... Еще Ministry, which we have dubbed the 'Fort NOx,' because they are sitting, defending, protecting what they deem to be their gold, the Diesel engine. But that engine isn't clean. It's a big health problem in German cities and we need to get rid of it.» The activist added, «People are angry because car makers have sold them cars that are polluting much more than what is allowed, and what automakers claimed they would emit.» While some Greenpeace activists were scaling the Ministry of Transport building and others were holding banners reading «Your diesel-cartel makes us sick!,» inside the premises major German car manufacturers Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW committed to upgrading over 5 million diesel cars. During the press conference that followed the 'Diesel Summit', Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure Alexander Dobrindt stated that the emergency meeting was called following a discussion «characterised by a loss of confidence in the automobile industry and — on the other side — an urgent necessity that we take measures within cities in order to reduce NOx and stay within the limits.»

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