Germany: Greenpeace activists scale Ministry of Transport building to protest «diesel summit»

Greenpeace activists scaled the Ministry of Transport building in Berlin, Wednesday, in protest of the meeting dubbed «diesel summit» where German State officials and major car makers gather in the capital to discuss alternatives to a ban on the driving of diesel cars. The activists reached the building’s rooftop using mountaineering equipment, before they hung a banner reading «Welcome to Fort... Еще NOx,” where NOx stands for Nitrogen Oxides emissions from diesel engines. Earlier today, Greenpeace Germany posted a tweet saying that the summit would defend diesel technology as if it were «Gold in Fort Nox.» The «diesel summit», set to take place today, comes two years after the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal first broke and in light of a Stuttgart court ruling, last week, in favour of banning old diesel cars in the city.
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