Germany: Green Party and FDP wouldn't «follow the well beaten path» of CDU if in coalition

Germany’s Green Party and Free Democratic Party (FDP) held talks in Berlin, on Thursday, as they negotiated the terms upon which they would enter a coalition with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). The Federal Chair of the Green Party Michael Kellner and FDP General Secretary Nicola Beer followed up their talks by speaking to the press, to offer updates on their negotiations. Both... Еще spokespersons maintained that the atmosphere between the two parties, during their talks, had been positive. Meanwhile, Beer acknowledged that there was still some way to go to find common ground on certain matters. “It’s become clear that there is a long way still to go on some issues,” she said. Kellner said that, in one way, the two parties were unified: that they wouldn’t simply follow the programme of the CDU. He reported, “Both parties have also been clear that, if they would enter a government, then we have common interests — and that we wouldn’t want to simply follow the well-beaten path of the [Christian Democratic] Union.” Following the Bundestag elections on September 24, the CDU managed to win the most seats; however, they did not gain enough to go into government on their own. Now the party of current German Chancellor Angela Merkel is attempting to build a so-called ‘Jamaica Coalition’ with the Greens and the FDP, in order to remain in power. After 2013, having not managed to surpass the five percent threshold to enter the Bundestag, the FDP — which has traditionally been Germany’s third strongest party — spent the next four years out of power entirely. However, after September’s elections, the CDU needs both the FDP and the more left-leaning Greens to join a coalition agreement, in order to continue being the party of government. In such an agreement, the Greens and the FDP would be minority powers in a coalition but still have policy influence.

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