Germany: Govt. spokespersons grilled over far-right action

As the spokespersons for Germany's various ministries convened for a regular press conference in Berlin on Monday, the topic of ongoing right-wing incidents in Chemnitz and Kothen was what dominated the agenda. Many journalists pressed the government's spokespersons for answers on the report written by the President of the Ministry for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maassen on... Еще recent violent incidents in Chemnitz. The previous week, Maassen spoke to BILD newspaper where he cast doubts that foreigners were chased during right-wing protests in the Saxony town on August 26. Now having submitted a report on the incident to the Interior Ministry, spokesperson Eleonore Petermann said, «The Interior Minister has been informed and is aware of the doubts of Mr Maassen. But the facts behind this, he doesn't know.» Meanwhile, press spokesperson for the German government Steffen Seibert expressed the reaction of the government to a protest that took place in Kothen on Sunday evening, after which a video emerged of protesters chanting Nazi slogans. «At the end of the day in Kothen, a video showed public, national-socialist speeches being made. That also concerns us and we must be appalled by that,» Seibert said. Right-wing protesters had marched through Kothen on Sunday evening to mourn the death of a man who died following a fight with two Afghans. Protesters were filmed shouting «Sieg Heil» and «national-socialism now». The prosecution determined that the man had, in fact, died of acute heart failure after the fight.

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