Germany: Govt. condemns data breach from Hesse police computer as 'absolutely unacceptable'

The German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert and his counterpart from the Interior Ministry Steve Alter reacted in Berlin, on Wednesday, to reports of data breach from a police computer system in Hesse. «What happened? What is behind this? And might there be networks? This needs to be investigated, because anything like this is absolutely unacceptable, that something like this happens. If this happens for political views, it is even worse, than just being aspects regarding data protection laws,» said Alter during the press briefing. It is alleged that personal data of at least three women has been taken from a police computer system in an unauthorised data query, with the three women later receiving several threats from right-wing extremists. One of the victims, cabaret artist Idil Baydar, is reported to have received abusive and threatening letters for months. Seibert also reacted to the debate about a local travel ban, saying that this is a debate between the German states and that German Chancellor Angela Merkel sympathises with the idea of having people in the region of a corona outbreak stay at home before travelling to other cities or regions. In regards to the Huawei 5G debate, Alter said that the German position has not changed and that the government is still working on a legal proposal — the so called IT law — that ensures no outer attacks or manipulations by critical infrastructures or core components.

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