Germany: Government talks air travel, football and more during COVID presser

Various spokespersons for different departments of the German government gave updates regarding upcoming societal changes at a press conference in Berlin on Wednesday. The topics ranged from the air travel situation for the summer to football and even EU contributions. Travel warnings have been in place worldwide since the outbreak became international, and today the German government announced... Еще they will extend these measures. «The Federal government decided today that it will extend the already active worldwide travel warning from March 17th, 2020 until June 14th. The extension was decided because the worldwide pandemic situation still exists,» announced government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer. Later in the press conference, this feeling was emphasised by other departments of government. «We should not be delusional, that travel during summer 2020 will not be as we wished or as we are used to,» added foreign ministry spokesperson Rainer Bruel. Regarding football, German politicians and football officials had said earlier this month that May 9 was a possible restart date for the Bundesliga. Though no firm confirmation was offered today, the comments made by the government will leave sports fans optimistic for an upcoming return to football. «The DFL [German Football League] was able to find solutions to reduce the infection risk and that is why we are now satisfied with their solution for now. So we can now say that this is acceptable in regards to safety regulations,» explained labour and social affairs ministry spokesperson Christina Jaeger. Germany has reported over 160,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the outbreak began, while at least 6,374 people have died with the virus so far.

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