Germany: 'Gayest multicultural love stories' — AfD slams public broadcasters

SOT, Wolfgang Schauble, Bundestag Predient (German): «Please come to the end, a speech can only last two minutes.» SOT, Martin Erwin Renner, AfD (German): «I come to the conclusion that DW is a special form of broadcasting, so it is high time that there was a media policy discussion here too in this house. And the democracy in our country will have to have that and do it well. Thank you... Еще.» *MULTIPLES SHOTS AT SOURCE* Bundestag MPs debated an Alternative fur Deutschland proposal to change the law in order to 'protect the separation between state and press' in Berlin on Friday, with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) a target in particular. According to AfD member Thomas Ehrhorn: «Today, parts of the media have become the playground for the high reporters of the mainstream left. And this is how they reeducate people and make them dumb.» «Let's not wonder about the gayest multicultural love stories where we see underage girls and how wonderful the relationship is with a migrant,» added Ehrhorn. «You're ready to subjugate your crude Muslim world almost unconditionally.» «Democracy needs the control of the media,» his party colleague Martin Erwin Renner added. AfD presented a bill claiming that the composition of the supervisory bodies of public service broadcasters should be aligned with the rule of diversity and state secrecy. The proportion of state and state-affiliated members should not exceed one third of the statutory members of the respective body. The issue surrounding Deutsche Welle is that despite being funded by the German government, DW is independent of governmental control.

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