Germany: Gabriel advocates economic pressure on Turkey after 2 more German nationals arrested

German Foreign Minister and SPD member Sigmar Gabriel spoke to an audience in Weimar, Saturday, on the campaign trail for the September national elections. Gabriel criticised the recent arrests of two more German nationals in Turkey, when he said, «We have a huge disagreement with Turkey on the issue of human rights, where we believe there has been a great injustice done to German citizens.» He... Еще went on to say that economic pressures on Turkey may be a way to resolve these issues, «What we have experienced in the past is that only economic pressures help in getting Turkey to back down.» While speaking to an audience in the public square, Gabriel also discussed Germany's role within geopolitical issues. He impressed upon the crowd the importance of Germany's role being that of an advocate for disarmament and detente, «Germany has to have a voice that — despite all the difficulties with Russia, despite what they have done in the Ukraine and in the Crimea — we must be the voice, just like Brandt and Schmidt in the 70s, we must be that voice that is concerned with a new detente policy in the world,» he said, before continuing, «So that we can assist in the return to control of armaments, talking about disarmament and not rearmament. Sadly at the moment the opposite is going on.»
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