Germany: Future of CSU remains uncertain — Seehofer

Chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Horst Seehofer held a meeting after the collapse of coalition talks at the Bavarian CSU headquarters in Munich on Thursday. The meeting was supposed to bring clarification to the subject of Seehofer’s successor in the CSU, yet the Bavarian leader did not offer any staff proposals. The favourite for the position was Seehofer’s rival, Minister of... Еще Finance of Bavaria Markus Soder, but, the future of CSU still remains uncertain. «We're all interested in finding a common solution that will bring the CSU together, overcome the hurdles. I've said a lot about this solution today, I also want to be personally involved in the decision making process and in any case I sense the general will is that everyone wants this and is waiting for our schedule», Seehofer said. After the last German federal election, in September, the CSU demanded that Seehofer at least give up his position as prime minister of Bavaria.

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