Germany: Fully sealed off village undergoes testing as scientists seek to enhance understanding of COVID-19

A study continued in the village of Neustadt am Rennsteig on Thursday as scientists seek to learn more about the development of the novel coronavirus within a closed off community. The village of around 1,000 was locked down for two weeks in March after a spike in cases of COVID-19, giving experts the chance to find out how the virus transmits within a sealed off population and how immunity might... Еще develop. Citizens, many of them having already undergone testing, underwent another round of voluntary blood tests on Thursday, while also filling in questionnaires, as part of a scientific study that will last until Saturday. A team of experts including the Director of the Institute for Infectious Medicine and Hospital Hygiene of Jena University, Mathias Pletz, moved into the community on Wednesday, in order to begin the research. Particular focus will fall on the number of possible asymptomatic cases within the local population. In the first round of testing, 49 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the village with two related deaths.

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