Germany: Freedom of speech has 'limits' — Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the freedom of speech in Germany, denouncing «propagation of hate» and saying that such freedom has «limits,» speaking at the German Parliament in Berlin on Wednesday. Merkel also expressed concerns for «frictions» in society. Referring to the rise of the far-right she condemned the murder of CDU colleague Walter Luebcke in Halle in June, who was shot... Еще and stabbed at his home. Saying that «the people's dignity is untouchable. And this means freedom of speech,» Merkel added that it «is not without limits. And these [limits] start where there is stirring up, where there is the propagation of hate, these [limits] start where the dignity of other people is hurt and we have to and will stand up against this in this house.» The German chancellor also stated that freedom of speech is not «for free.»


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