Germany: Former 'Mr Germany' goes on trial for shooting police officer

The trial of former 'Mr Germany,' Adrian Ursache, began at a court in Halle on Monday, as he faces charges of attempted murder of a police officer amid suspected connections to the far-right «Reichsbuerger» movement. During the trial, Usarche, 42, pleaded his innocence for firing at a team of special police officers that stormed his apartment in Reuden in August 2016. Usarche previously... Еще proclaimed his apartment a sovereign state, called ‘The Kingdom of Ur.' A police officer was shot in the throat but survived the incident thanks to his armoured vest. «I had a weapon in my hand but I did not shoot at any moment,» Ursache claimed in court. The trial is being conducted under armed police protection for its duration. If found guilty, the 1998 'Mr Germany' winner could face a life sentence.

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