Germany: Forest clearance back underway at site of future Tesla factory near Berlin

A court ruled on Thursday in favour of the continued felling of trees at a forest in Gruenheide, east of Berlin, where Tesla's new 'gigafactory' is to be constructed. A police presence was seen at the site, where the previously suspended logging operation resumed on Friday. «The Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg (OVG) has clearly said it is a commercial forest and so it is clear... Еще what the current status of the forest is,» declared Arne Christiani, mayor of Gruenheide. Unsighted protesters were also in the vicinity of the tree-felling operation, two of whom reportedly climbed up a tree before being removed. Up to 92 hectares of forest will be cleared by hydraulic excavators to make way for the Tesla facility, a situation which has resulted in environmental protests in the area and in the courts. The Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg (OVG) ruled on Sunday that the felling should be temporarily halted after an environmental group lodged a legal complaint. However the decision was overturned on Thursday and now cannot be appealed.

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