Germany: Footage shows thieves smashing cabinet during Green Vault heist in Dresden

The moment the thieves smashed through a cabinet that was holding items of «immeasurable value» early on Monday morning in Dresden, was caught on video. The stolen items included stunning brooches, buckles, buttons and other items. «The whole state of Saxony was burgled tonight,» Saxony's Interior Minister Roland Woeller told journalists at a press conference outside the museum earlier on Monday... Еще. Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer continued: «The treasure chamber of the Green Vault is Saxony, it's our identity. One can hardly understand the state [of Saxony] without this collection which has been created over the centuries and hard-won by the people of our free state.» According to reports, in the early hours of Monday, several perpetrators managed to break into one of Europe's largest collection of art treasures and stole objects worth up to €1 billion ($1.1 billion). The Dresden police confirmed that the perpetrators are on the run. Credit: Polizei Sachsen

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