Germany: FM welcomes UN peacekeeping mission in Ukraine after meeting with German-Russians

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel welcomed Russia's request for a UN peacekeeping mission in Ukraine after talking to German citizens of predominantly Russian origins, in Jena, on Friday. Speaking at an interview, Gabriel argued that a stable ceasefire was the only way to start the political process in Ukraine and to wind down the situation in the war-torn Donbass region. «We have been... Еще advocating sending an armed UN peacekeeping mission to control the ceasefire and to withdraw the heavy weapons. In the past the Russian side has rather refused to do that. That’s why I was very pleased when the Russian president Vladimir Putin declared publicly that Russian wants to request such a mission», said Gabriel. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced to the UN Security Council on September 5 that he would like to send a UN peacekeeping mission to protect international monitors in eastern Ukraine. In regards to China, Gabriel said that Europe needs to assume its role as a global player and develop its own strategy. His comments came after talking to 14 German citizens of Russian or Soviet origin, where the minister discussed issues such as employment and the Ukrainian conflict amongst others.
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