Germany: FM spokesperson calls on all parties to observe and implement Libya arms embargo

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Adebahr insisted that the weapons embargo in Libya is «being abided by and implemented» and expressed her hope that 5+5 talks will prove successful at governmental press conference in Berlin on Wednesday. «Do we believe that IRINI supports this? Yes, obviously. We have promoted it a lot, so that this mission can be created on an EU level and we will really support its good and timely operation,'' she added. Maximilian Kall, spokesperson for the Justice Ministry, also announced a proposal for hasher sentences for possession of child pornography and child abuse without physical violence, «to raise the minimum penalty to one year.» Referring to a recent proposal by the Green party to remove the term «race» from the German constitution, Interior Ministry spokesperson Steve Alter welcomed a debate on the issue but added historical reasons have determined the formulation of the constitution, «this discrimination regulation is supposed to represent, that alleged concepts of race are not acceptable and a discrimination based on this ideology is not legitimate.'' The Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht also lent her support to the debate.

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