Germany: FM Gabriel criticises anti-globalist economic policies at Berlin conference

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel spoke to an audience in Berlin, on Thursday, on issues of global development and globalisation. Giving a speech, before a panel discussion, Gabriel acknowledged that globalisation has not been necessarily well received by all US and European citizens. He used the examples of the 2016 election of US President Donald Trump, standing on a platform of... Еще protecting American jobs from outsourcing and migration, as well as the UK's referedum to withdraw from the European Union, «The perception of globalisation has long changed, at least for us in Europe and also in the USA,» Gabriel said, «But we only first really noticed this with Brexit in Europe and the vote for Donald Trump, where the voice of those has become even louder who say things as they are now cannot continue.» During a panel discussion alongside other diplomats including Former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, Gabriel further criticised decisions of the Trump administration to limit the impact of globalistation on the US economy. Gabriel commented that successes of globalisation were «under attack,» before offering the example, «They [the US administration] have the idea, for example, that the import of steel is a threat to national security of the United States; that they could be allowed to raise taxes on the import of steel. I mean that's senseless and it's only the misuse of the WTO agreements.» The panel was convened as part of the Brandt Commission's 'Agenda 2030'. The commission aims to study global development and geopolitical issues, including world trade, migration, disarmament and population growth.

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