Germany: 'First step to a common understanding' — CDU/CSU and FDP initial talks positive

The CDU/CSU Bundestag faction held talks with the FDP, on Wednesday, in Berlin, about a coalition agreement between their parties. Following the meeting, the general secretaries from the three parties spoke to the press. CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber was positive about the talks that his party had held with the FDP. He said that, following discussions with The Greens, also to be held on... Еще Wednesday, a common discussion between the factions would first come on Friday. Echoing Tauber’s remarks, Nicola Beer, the FDP’s General Secretary, said that this was a “first step towards a common understanding.” As the smaller party in the negotiations, Beer said that, for the FDP, “all options are still on the table.” The spokesperson for the CDU’s sister party, the CSU, Andreas Scheuer appeared to express reservations about the party’s upcoming negotiations with The Green Party, which is traditionally further to the left of the CDU and CSU than the FDP. Scheuer predicted that negotiations with The Greens would be “a great and challenging task,” before going on to stress, “I believe that if everyone correctly assesses the reality in our country, then we can take a real step forward this week.” In September’s Bundestag elections, the CDU achieved the largest portion of seats, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel remaining in her post. However, they did not have a full majority, forcing them to go into coalition talks with other, smaller parties. In order to remain in power within a coalition, the CDU/CSU is endeavouring to establish a so-called ‘Jamaica coalition’, between the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the environmentalist Green Party.

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