Germany: First hydrogen-powered train makes debut journey from Wiesbaden

The first train operating on hydrogen made is inaugural trip from Wiesbaden on Friday. The train drove from Wiesbaden-Frankfurt Hochst, with several authorities participating in the historic event, including Tarek Al-Wazir, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Transport of the German state of Hesse. The Coradia iLint train was developed by French manufacturer Alstom but built in Germany... Еще. «This train uses hydrogen. And if the hydrogen produced is environmentally friendly, it has 0.0 emissions. This is a traffic revolution; that's why we are so proud today,» said Alstom Transport spokesperson Jörg Nikutta. The trains are driven emission-free via a fuel cell, in which hydrogen reacts in a controlled manner with oxygen and thus gives off energy. In the future, this type of train could replace all diesel-powered trains on non-electrified railways in Germany.

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