Germany: Firefighters mourn murdered colleague as six teenagers arrested

Around 150 firefighters gathered on Augsburg's Konigsplatz on Sunday to mourn their colleague who was killed during an altercation on the square on Friday night as he was heading home from the Christmas market with wife and friends. Paramedics tried to revive the man without success, who stopped moving after being hit on the head. Seven people fled the scene and six were arrested in relation to... Еще the case including two 17-year olds — thought to be the main suspects — who were already known to police. Firefighters and civilians came together to mourn for the death of the 49-year old fireman who was killed in front of his wife. The man he was with was also assaulted, although the two women were spared. «I think something like this is simply terrible, because the bad thing is when you can not say anything anymore, that then you have to be scared for your life, I think that's tragic,» said one local. The police investigation was aided by CCTV footage. The area has been subject to tighter security in recent years with police installing 15 cameras after it acquired a reputation for crime.

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