Germany: ‘Fire and Fury’ author talks Trump upon German translation release

Journalist Michael Wolff, who penned 'Fire and Fury', a controversial book on the White House under US President Donald Trump's administration, spoke to an audience at Berlin's Volksbuehne on Monday. The event was held upon the release of the expose's German translation. During the talk, Wolff commented on his experience of the Trump White House and how the US President relates to those around... Еще him. Speaking about the leaks that come out of Trump's inner circle, Wolff claimed a lot of them had come from Trump himself. «Donald Trump becomes obsessed with all of the leaks coming out of the White House, obsessed. Driving him crazy. But the truth is, many of these leaks actually come from him. Because he sits on the phone at night, he calls these guys in New York, he motor-mouths to them, because he has very little control,» Wolff explained. While explaining a passage in the book that explains Trump's ability to be guided through military intelligence by generals, Wolff commented on the president's unwillingness to engage with intricacies of data and intelligence. Wolff said, «If he's in the room with generals and you know, the generals come in, put on their PowerPoint, three minutes later, he's out the door.» Discussing Trump's alleged disinterest in information and detail, Wolff left his audience with a hopeful note. «War is one of those things for Donald Trump, «What do I get out of it?',» explained Wolff. Deeming Trump's disinterest in military detail a «modest silver lining» of the current US administration, Wolff said, «It's kind of ironic; the Trump administration, in the end, will not be as damaging as the George Bush administration.» Following the publication of 'Fire and Fury', Wolff received backlash from Trump himself, as well as other people mentioned in the book. The US President claimed on Twitter that it was a «fake book of a mentally deranged author, who knowingly writes false information.»

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